Founded by Joe Della Rose in 1944, a small tavern at the corner of Ashland and Glover in east Baltimore was the place to be. Whether it was stopping in to grab an overstuffed sandwich, or swinging by after a hard day of work to grab a cold draft, the place was always buzzing with lively conversation and good cheer.

It wasn’t long before that small tavern earned a reputation for having good food. Joe’s mother, Carmella, was busy cooking away in the small kitchen above the bar. Not only did she make a great spaghetti sauce, she was one of the first people to introduce pizza to the Baltimore marketplace.

In 1961, Joe and his wife Josie, brought the same tradition to their Belair Road location. The Overlea community, in the early sixties, called for a restaurant and Joe and Josie met the challenge. Josie added her now famous sour beef and dumplings along with some seafood specialties.

In 1998, the Della Rose family turned another chapter in their history by moving their family business to THE AVENUE at White Marsh. As is tradition, Della Rose’s Avenue Tavern is the place to be. Stop by for dinner or just a drink at the bar…join the conversation and enjoy the good cheer!